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Great Buys This Week!

Fresh Bread and Milk

As a service to our customers, we keep fresh milk and fresh bread all the time. We have no mark-up on milk and only an incidental mark-up on bread. We want to make sure that everyone is able to afford them. These are not sale prices. The only time these prices will go up is when the wholesale price to us goes up. 

1 gallon of milk (whole or 2%): $3.25
1 large loaf of Holsum bread: $1.75

Bagged Restaurant Chicken

These are the best buys in the store! Name brand “Sweet Georgia” chicken nuggets, wings, and filets in 5 lb. bags. Some are $10, some are $10.50. Some are completely cooked, some are not. Some are breaded, some are not. Take a look at what’s we have right now:

5 lbs Buffalo Style Chicken Tenderloins (uncooked) $10.50
5 lbs Chicken Patti Fritters (uncooked) $10.50
5 lbs Seasoned Chicken Wings 1st & 2nd wing
        sweet or smoked (fully cooked) $10.00
5 lbs Breaded Chicken Breast Nuggett (fully cooked) $10.00
5 lbs Chicken Breast Filets (unbreaded, fully cooked) $10.00

A Little Something Sweet

If you have children (or a sweet tooth yourself), then you know the expense  of trying to find an affordable treat. Look no more! We have 2 of the best buys you will ever find on candy.

3.5 ounce Movie Pack (big box) Goobers: 4 boxes for $1.00
1 Case Hershey Bars (36 regular size bars): $13.99 per case  That’s only 39 cents per bar and nobody has seen that kind of candy bar pricing in years!

Like What You See So Far?

Sign up to be notified by e-mail whenever we make a new post. All of our prices remain the same until we hear that a big truck is on the way! That’s the e-mail you want delivered right to your in-box! In the meantime, we will be adding more posts almost daily until we get everything in the store online for you to see – and we are also going to put up some great recipes that can be made entirely with ingredients found in our store.

See you next time for even MORE Abundant Blessings!